Deputy Prime Minister II, YB Datuk Sri Fadillah Yusof congratulates the home team.

KUCHING (4 MARCH): The Sarawak silat contingent’s hope to hunt for glory in the
Sarawak Premier International Silat Championship 2023 looks promising as their team
displayed an electrifying performance in their respective semifinal fixtures.

The fourth day of the inaugural championship saw Sarawak silat exponents continuing
their excellent form in the junior & senior category as they managed to book their slots
in the final which is scheduled to take place at the Kuching Indoor Stadium in Sarawak

Sarawak’s gallant run in the SPISC 2023 also caught the attention of the Deputy Prime
Minister II, YB Datuk Sri Fadillah Yusof who commended the contingent’s impressive
run in the tournament.

During his short visit to the championship venue this morning, YB Datuk Sri Fadillah
iterated that he was impressed and proud with Sarawak silat exponent’s high level of
seriousness and sportsmanship throughout the championship.

Expatiating on the performance of Sarawak’s Josh Chua against Melaka’s Muhammad
Amirul Hakim Jaaffar in the junior putra C category semi-finals match, YB Datuk Sri
Fadillah stated that he was astonished with the nerve-racking battle between both the
silat exponents.

“Both respect one another and each have their own advantages. Josh Chua also appears
to have high aptitude. He has good skills and is still a young man. Sarawak is on the right
track to succeed in this championship as some of our junior fighters even managed to
make it to the finals in their respective events this morning ” YB Datuk Sri Fadillah said.

YB Datuk Sri Fadillah also hoped that Sarawak’s athletes would achieve great success at
the SPISC this time, thus improving the performance of martial arts in Sarawak so that
they would be more competitive in whatever championship they participate in

“Through the inception of this prestigious event, we will definitely be able to bring this
sport of silat to the global level, thus attracting more international athletes to venture
into this sport in the future,” explained the Deputy Prime Minister II.

YB Datuk Sri Fadillah also praised the efforts of the Sarawak state government through
Rumpun Silat Sarawak (RSS) to host an international scale event such as SPISC in the
Bumi Kenyalang state and the move will indirectly promote the state to the world stage
as well as boost the development of martial arts.

According to him, organizing a big event like this not only helps to popularize the sport
of silat but also becomes an important agenda to attract the interest of the young
generation to venture into silat.

“We at the leadership level will always support the efforts made by the state
government to enable them to carry out various programs especially sports activities
which are one of the important tools to unite the people.

“I am confident that the efforts of the state government and the RSS to organize this
SPISC will be able to arouse the interest of the young generation to venture into this
sport. I call and hope that more Sarawak youths get involved in this sport of martial arts
which is a good activity to shape their identity,” said YB Datuk Sri Fadillah.

“This sport of martial arts should be used as a vehicle to discipline the youth in this
state. It not only strengthens mentally and physically but also shapes one’s identity
through high discipline.”

The Sarawak contingent got off to a great start when its exponent, Nor Azeman Pie’e,
advanced to the putra B junior event final after defeating his Singaporean opponent
Muhd Ridzqi Mohd Fadzil 28–14.

In the senior B category, Nur Hazeerah Syafiqah Suffian continued the excellence by
defeating Singaporean martial artist Nur Izzah Johanis with ease, winning 43–27.

The senior women’s E category saw Raveena Jeno advancing to the final by defeating
Qurratu Aini Muhammad Asri of Pahang with a score of 39–24, while the senior
women’s G category, Sharifah Nurhalimatun Wan Mohamad defeated Police Diraja
Malaysia (PDRM) exponent Olivia Chong with a score of 43–34.

The inaugural Sarawak Premier International Silat Championship 2023 kicked off on the
27 th February and it will officially close its curtains tomorrow on the 5 th of March. The
admission for the finals is free for the public and it can also be watched live on the
OneSilat facebook page.

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